Raretoshi, a New NFT and Physical Art Marketplace Built on the Liquid Network

Raretoshi, a new art marketplace for digital patronage, brings NFTs to Bitcoin and the Liquid Network. Bitcoin layer-2 is the future, and Raretoshi is proof that Bitcoin’s features can be extended with additional layers.

Raretoshi is a curated art platform, with some top names in the Bitcoin art community as contributors. At launch, we’ll be listing some exclusive works from the renowned cryptograffiti, who was also very much involved in the feature specifications and design. We’ll be launching collections from other Bitcoin artists on a regular basis, so if you’re interested, contact us!

Issue on Liquid Through Raretoshi

Raretoshi provides all the tools necessary for Bitcoin artists to list their digital or physical art projects for auction or instant purchase by supporters. Art, in the form of images or even videos in MP4 format, can be uploaded to Raretoshi and a corresponding NFT will be minted seamlessly using Liquid’s native asset issuance feature. Artists can even choose to receive royalties for the resale of their art token thanks to some clever multisig architecture. Raretoshi also has lower fees for minting artwork as it utilizes the Liquid sidechain — artists familiar with other platforms may appreciate this.

Pay for Art Using Atomic Swaps

Potential buyers can bid on an auction or instantly purchase the art with Liquid Bitcoin (L-BTC) or other Liquid-based stablecoins like USDt and L-CAD. Transactions on Raretoshi take advantage of Liquid’s atomic swap features — the exchange of Liquid assets and NFTs is completed in the same on-chain transaction, minimizing trust on either side of the trade.

Bitcoin Mainchain and Lightning Also Supported

While all payments are ultimately settled in L-BTC, Raretoshi also supports account funding with mainchain BTC or Lightning Network payments using technology originally developed in the coinos wallet. Raretoshi can seamlessly convert on-chain and Lightning payments to L-BTC, so you’ll never have to worry about missing out on that art auction ending before you can bid.

IPFS File Storage

Digital art files are uploaded to the IPFS distributed file sharing network, linking the file contents to the token and gives artists, collectors, and anyone else, the ability to easily mirror and distribute the artwork media so that the files corresponding to the Liquid NFTs are accessible, recoverable, and verifiable.

Open Source Platform

All the code powering the Raretoshi platform is being released as an MIT-licensed open source project called LNFT (Liquid NFT), allowing anyone to spin up and host their own marketplaces with different themes or focuses. We’re excited to see what other use cases people come up with and are happy to help you get started!

Get Started Now

To get started using Raretoshi, sign up for an account.

Raretoshi’s built-in wallet is non-custodial, but if you want to move your newly acquired NFTs into cold storage (for example on a Blockstream Jade), you’ll also need a Liquid wallet and some L-BTC for transaction fees. Note that art with royalties applied cannot be transferred off the Raretoshi platform due to the 2-of-2 multisig technology used.

Recommended Liquid mobile wallets:

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Be sure to follow us on Twitter and join the Telegram group to chat with fellow artists and art patrons. See you on Raretoshi!