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Plagron Nutrients

Plagron Nutrients - Cocos A&B

Plagron Nutrients - Cocos A&B

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High-Grade Base Nutrient for Use in Coco Coir

Cocos A&B is a potent mineral-based fertiliser that performs brilliantly right the way through the grow and bloom stages. It's extremely easy to use and, when combined with some of the other additives in the Plagron range, offers truly incredible performance, no matter which grow system you're working with.

It contains fertilisers that are easily absorbable over wider pH ranges than many of its competitors. This makes it a very forgiving nutrient that delivers great results with very little effort.

Coco coir is easily our most popular growing medium. It consists of natural fibres derived from coconut husks. Coco coir is an environmentally friendly alternative to peat moss that works brilliantly with mineral-based (hydroponic-style) nutrients. It's an inert medium, like clay pebbles or rockwool, but it can be fortified with beneficial microbes if you choose to use microbial additives, making it extremely versatile. Coco coir offers a great balance between drainage and aeration, delivering extremely rapid root growth. When combined with Plagron Nutrients Cocos A&B, you've go the makings of a very successful grow!

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