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Secret Jardin

Secret Jardin HS300 R2.00 Hydro Shoot

Secret Jardin HS300 R2.00 Hydro Shoot

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Secret Jardin HS300 R2.00 Hydro Shoot 300 x 300 x 200 CM

The Secret Jardin HS300 R2.00 Hydro Shoot 300x300x200 cm budget grow tent offers an excellent cultivation environment at an affordable price, for both the novice grower and the experienced grower.

Because of its smart design you can assemble the tent completely lightproof within a short time. The new door with double flaps guarantees maximum light of your grow lamp(s) Along with the highly reflective 210D Mylar on the inside, your plants get enough light to grow faster and produce more fruit than without the use of a well-closed grow tent. Another benefit of a grow tent is the low number of harmful insects, so you do not have to treat your plants with pesticides.

With the Hydro Shoot R2.00, Secret Jardin goes back to the basics, which of course means optimized basics. The Hydro Shoot can also be seen as the budget alternative of the Dark Street. This grow tent consists of the same high quality Mylar (as the DS), a strong frame of steel, sufficient air- and lightproof openings for ventilation and cables, various cultivation accessories and space for more. As promised: the basics without compromis.


  • Revision: R2.00;
  • Tent fabric: 210D Mylar;
  • Zipper: 8mm;
  • Poles: Ø16 mm of Q195 steel;
  • Ventilation openings: 2x Ø380 mm;
  • Cable openings: 1x Ø75 mm;
  • Tent volume: 18 m3;
  • Weight: 28.8 kg;
  • Dimensions: 300x300x200 cm;
  • Included: 2x WT300 water tray, 5x lightning holder and fasteners;
  • Advised grow lights: 4x HPS1000W or 16x LED200W;
  • Advised extraction: 1080-2160 m3/h;
  • Assembled in 15 minutes;
  • New lightproof door system.

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