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CAMO® Tank

CAMO® Tank

CAMO® Tank

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The CAMO® Tank is a revolution for the collapsible tank market. Steel tubes and alloy corners make up the frame then a tough PVC CAMO® material sits inside.

The lid is made from heat reflective Mylar™, which dramatically reduces the amount of heat transferred to your nutrient solution. The lid is secured in place with Velcro® for easy access. Entry & exit holes are featured in the lid for pipes in & out. When not used a screwed on cap covers the hole.

The thread for the tap is now locked in position from factory so no nut is required on the inside so leaking taps are a thing of the past.

Volume markers are on the inside to aid when adding nutrients to the tank.


  • More efficient square shape
  • Heavy-duty PVC
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Heat-Reflective Mylar™ Velcro® lid
  • Entry & exit holes for pipes in-out
  • Locked tap thread (no more dripping taps)
  • Volume indicator 
  • Flat packed
  • Available sizes: 120L,280L, 550L & 780L
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