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Biobizz Bio pH+ (Up) & Bio pH- (Down)

Biobizz Bio pH+ (Up) & Bio pH- (Down)

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Biobizz Bio pH+ (Up) & Bio pH- (Down)

Avoid using strong acids for pH adjustments… go organic! Bio pH+ (up) is a humic acidsbased formulation harvested from natural sources, while Bio pH- (down) contains citric acid from different citrus fruits like lemons. Great in veg growth and flowering!


  • Organic pH Adjustment
  • Natural formulation doesn't harm the substrate mico life
  • Harvested from natural sources
  • Non-aggressive liquids
  • Suitable to use in vegetative and flowering periods
  • Biobizz pH+ and Biobizz pH- don't contain any strong acids



Biobizz has 6 different organic certifications worldwide!

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