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Biobizz Bio-Heaven

Biobizz Bio-Heaven

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Biobizz Bio-Heaven

Improve uptake, translocation & your plant's metabolism with Biobizz Bio-Heaven.

It's a powerful bio-stimulator that's packed with L-amino chelates, derived from organic soy beans. These chelates help with the assimilation of less available elements.

In mineral feeds, plants uptake as little as 20% of what you feed them. Bio-Heaven has been shown to bring this up to as high as 95%!

Between that and the metabolism boost, you'll really accelerate flowering by using Bio-Haven. It really maximises the rest of your feed.

Bio-Heaven is a premium booster and yield enhancer that offers the organic gardener both quality and quantity

  • Improves uptake of minerals & trace elements (from 20 -35% to as high as 95%!)
  • Boost plants' metabolisms
  • Accelerates flowering
  • Suitable for soil, coco, hydroponics & aeroponics
  • NPK: 0.91 - 0.18 - 0.24

Use it as a root feed or foliar spray, in any growing system.





Biobizz has 6 different organic certifications worldwide!

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