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Biobizz Acti-Vera

Biobizz Acti-Vera

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Biobizz Acti-Vera

Acti-Vera has been designed to protect the immune system, increase metabolism and enhance nutrient absorption in your plants! As a result, they’ll end up much stronger and healthier, both inside and out! It really is a fantastic, natural enzyme product for use during veg growth and flowering.


  • Strengthen plant's health
  • Essential component when using the Biobizz range in coco
  • Helps break down sugars and dead plant matter ensuring a healthy root zone
  • Protect plant's immune system
  • Increase metabolism and nutrient uptake
  • Harness powerful enzymes
  • Organically improve your results
  • Use during veg and flowering stages
  • Dilution rate: 1-5ml per litre


Biobizz has 6 different organic certifications worldwide!


How To Use

Acti-Vera is very versatile. It can be used indoors and out, on food crops, plantations, perennials, and ornamental plants during the vegetative and flowering phase to stimulate growing and blooming.

Dilution rate: 1-5ml of Acti-Vera per 1 litre of water for watering from a can or 1-2ml per litre of water as a foliar spray.

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