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This growing system needs to be ordered from our supplier so please allow a few extra days for it to arrive with you.

Alien® Hydroponics

After years of research and development, ALIEN® has released an all-new evolutionary range of hydroponic systems. Light years ahead of the competition, manufactured using high-quality components, innovative in design and ready for the future.

Key Benefits

  • Efficient Nutrient Distribution
  • Maximum Oxygen Saturation
  • No Air Pump needed
  • No Heat transferred
  • Vortex Fluid Motion 
  • Naturally aspirated
  • Supports Large Plants
  • Pots Totally Drain
  • Free-Flowing
  • Made in Britain

Key Features

  • 58L V-POT
  • Water Fill Line
  • Drainage bases
  • Venturi injectors
  • Inspection Covers
  • 5" spiral tubing
  • Integrated filtration
  • T304 Stainless clamps
  • 5" Dual-Flow™ Fittings
  • Heavy duty components 
  • Push-Fit feed connections
  • JET-STREAM® Vortex™ pum


Grow bigger and better than ever before - the revolutionary ALIEN V-SYSTEM has landed. It’s a recirculating system like no other.

No air stones are used - instead feed is oxygenated naturally right before entering pots. Nutrient Solution is injected into pots in a way that creates a powerful whirlpool that oxygenates the rootzone evenly. Wherever they grow, roots meet crazy high oxygen levels.

You can grow trees in this thing - pots are 58L and accommodate monster rootzones.

  • No air pump or air stones needed
  • Powerful ‘whirlpool’ oxygenates rootzone
  • Uniform - delivers feed to pots simultaneously
  • Mega crops - 58L pots

How it Works

Rather than using air pumps and airstones to aerate your nutrient solution, the ALIEN V-SYSTEM uses water flow and ‘Venturi technology’.

An air filter, silencer, and ‘venturi’ injector silently draw oxygen into your system. Here, it mixes with nutrient solution right before it’s injected into your pot.

Pressurised feed lines inject each pot with this super-oxygenated nutrient solution in a way that creates a whirlpool. This whirlpool effect ensures oxygen is spread throughout your pot evenly.

No air stones - whirlpool oxygenation

Air is quietly drawn into your system without ever using an air pump.

Cooler nutrient solution

The water pump is located outside the header pot, so less heat is transferred to your nutrient solution. your system is also silver, which helps prevent your grow lights warming your feed.

Prevent blockages - 5” tubes

To keep your nutrient solution free-flowing, 5” tube is used.

Grow Trees - 58L pots

The 58L pots are big enough to hold monster root zones.

Uniform Growth

Nutrient solution is delivered to each pot simultaneously, ensuring even growth among plants.

100% Drainage

V-Pots have a sloped base, ensuring 100% of your nutrient is drained to keep the feed in pots fresh.

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