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OMG Education London
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A cornerstone of our program is our belief in young people's natural creativity. We know young people get great pleasure from being involved in the arts, and so we encourage this at every age. Young people learn skills and gain immense self-esteem when given the opportunity. Art is an integral part of our program, and we provide a wide array of materials for creating music and film.

OMG Education CIC

We provide a high quality education programme which provides young people with a safe and conductive environment to learn. Our atmosphere enables young people to respect themselves and others. Through diverse creative experiences, we enhance young peoples ability to socialise with others, be creative, express themselves and develop.

Music and Film Traineeship Enrolment - May 2022
We are currently enrolling for our traineeship programme now.

Music and Business Courses for Young People in London
OMG Education CIC is a social enterprise, working with children and young people, supporting them to learn and grow through music and film engagement.

Launching of OMG Education Liquid Asset: Now live on the Bitcoin Liquid Network using the Blockstream Aqua Wallet
OMG Education CIC is proud to offer OMG Education liquid asset to its students.