N-O-M-A-D 🇹🇳

N-O-M-A-D 🇹🇳
The -N-O-M-A-D Sahara Festival 2022 

N-O-M-A-D music festival gatherings

(Nomad edition zero core team) did a 4 day music Saharan Desert festival and it was amazing to be out & so isolated in the Sahara Desert Tunisia 🇹🇳 such a beautiful 😻 natural place in Africa, where junglelab has had the chance to hook up the Energy with N-O-M-A-D team tunisia, together bringing digital & mother natural future together & having a community life experience with high graded music in a very remote sahara desert 🐪 ❤

The N-O-M-A-D brings you an experience like no other, camping in the heart of the tunisian sahara 300km away from civilisation covering all our essential needs like hot food, running water and fully functing bathrooms. 🔊

The collaboration with N-O-M-A-D will bring a unique once in a life time experience whilst still having all the luxuries of the real world! like making bitcoin payments for food and beverages in the Saharan desert, all whilst experiencing the true and authentic experience. We believe the nomad lifestyle is in sync with the bitcoin takeover! .. change the world!!!

Sahara - The largest desert in the world, extending between 800 and 1,200 miles and at least 3,000 miles from east to west, covers one-fourth the area of Africa including the lands of Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Tunisia and Egypt.

N-O-M-A-D music festival gatherings - edition zero - movement of nomad people. First event in the digital area celebrating nomadic life. ✨

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