Junglelab CoreTeam

Junglelab CoreTeam

Esky, Adam Soltys, BH, Mid, Nadir

JungleLab Advisors: Samson Mow, Adam Soltys, Blockstream, Liquid Network,Jan3.

JungleLab USA Ambassador: Marcus

Our JungleLab Open Source Tech Stack:

Bitcoin Network, Liquid Network, Lightning Network, Blockstream, Raretoshi, Coinos, BTCPay, Docker, GitHub

Our independent JungleLab Digital Assets - LNFT - Event Tickets,  Artists, Labels, Producers, Fashion Brands. & Curated Content

Launch date 2 feb 2022

NFT, NFC, RFID TICKETING & ACCESS CONTROL FOR EVENTS Secure and Frictionless RFID Ticketing & Access Control Say goodbye to endless queues, ticket fraud and chaos at the gates. The Token RFID system gives you full control of admissions, streamlined entries and real-time capacity data. Built for festival, exhibitions, fairs, water & amusement parks and music concerts.

Just email us and someone from the partnership team will be in touch to discuss the junglelab platform and our unique offerings.