Jamaican Jerk Festival releases NFT membership on Junglelab.io

Jamaican Jerk Festival releases NFT membership on Junglelab.io
Creator: Lisa Remeny - Scotchies - 20th Anniversary NFT Artwork for Jamaican Jerk Festival. 

Jamaican Jerk Fest (JJF) celebrated 3 big anniversaries this November, Jamaica's 60th Independence day, the 100th anniversary of Grace and JJF's own 20th year running. Junglelab celebrated with the Jamaican Jerk Festival in Miramar, Florida by gifting 3000 NFT memberships for their VIP guests. The scotchies artpiece represents the digital advacements of Jamaican culinary and events culture.

The NFT Memberships enabled the first 3000 ticketholders to recieve exclusive benefits such as an event exclusive t-shirt that represented their 20th anniversary NFT. Through the JJF app members received personal discounts and merchandise from various supermarkets and vendors associated with the festival. Additionally, NFT members will recieve discounts on future festival tickets and pre-release access.

Baby Cham and Tarrus Riley blessing the stage @JJF 20th anniversary 

Jamaican Jerk Festival intend to increase the value of their NFT memberships by continuously adding more perks to the Scotties NFT throughout the year. JJF is committed to giving back to the most supportive fans who have contributed to their success over the past 20 years.  JungleLab.io is pleased to be part of the programme to introduce their first digital assets on the Bitcoin blockchain.