What can it do??

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What can it do??
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Junglelab Liquid Bitcoin Minting & publishing Tech knowledge.

LNFT = Digital Assets

LNFT is a web-based platform for issuing and transacting with non-fungible tokens on the Bitcoin Liquid Network. Blockstream is sponsoring its development and hosting an exemplary curated instance of it for use by Bitcoin artists at Raretoshi & JungleLab.io


  • User accounts and profiles for artists and collectors include custom avatars, contact info and biography
  • Users can follow other artists and collectors and like/favorite individual artworks
  • Artists can upload digital media files (jpg, png, gif, mp4) representing an artwork and add metadata like a title, description, and tags
  • Selected metadata is published in the liquid asset registry so that tokens can be recognized by external wallets
  • Media files are added to the IPFS network upon being uploaded and are given a unique content identifier (CID) derived from the SHA256 hash of the file
  • The CID is embedded in the Liquid token issuance transaction contract, permanently and provably linking the file to the token
  • Artworks are listed in a searchable/sortable/filterable marketplace gallery
  • Artists can list an artwork for sale by setting an optional listing price, royalty rate, and/or auction period
  • Bids and sales are conducted peer-to-peer using atomic swaps so the platform host does not need to escrow funds
  • Listings, bids, transfers and new artwork activity are logged and presented in a site-wide feed
  • A web-based liquid wallet is integrated into the user's profile page and allows them to fund their accounts with L-BTC or any kind of liquid asset
  • Wallets can be backed up and imported using a 12-word BIP mnemonic seed phrase
  • Built-in integration with the coinos.io API allows users to instantly convert BTC to L-BTC by depositing to an on-chain address or paying a lightning network invoice
  • Royalties and auction holding periods are enforced through a 2-of-2 signing server that only signs off on transactions that meet certain conditions

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Getting help

If you need help, JungleLab artists & customers can always reach our full-time support team by direct message.

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