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Creators - Artists - Drops
Photo by Alexander Dummer / Unsplash

Dirty Saj began his music career at the young age of 15, he built up his name and showcased his skills around Giggs which propelled him into collaborating with some of the worlds leading artists such as Drake, Tory Lanes, Sarkodie, Meek mills and many more.

Through the years of making music and engineering Dirty Saj realised that ownership is what truly sets apart independent artists from the corporate agency’s ready to own your music.

So he set out to create his legacy “CERTIFIED BANGERZ”.

Along with clean cut sound Certified bangerz allows YOU the artist to own your own work and thus becoming truly independent.

Jack Harlow @ Underworld CB studios

Dirty Saj - Underworld - Certified Bangerz Studio - Selling music and sessions as digital Assets