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About Us
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The  JUNGLELABᵀᴹ  Team.

We are an open source software platform and marketplace that specializes in art and culture, with a focus on Bitcoin Lightning (Liquid) NFT digital assets. Our goal is to provide a marketplace for both new and established brands to showcase their unique creations and connect with a global audience.

Our platform offers a range of advanced features and capabilities, including seamless integration with the Liquid Network, faster transaction speeds, and enhanced security. We are committed to promoting innovation, creativity, and decentralized finance, and our community of artists, designers, and enthusiasts is dedicated to building a more dynamic and exciting future for art and culture. BOL2 "build on layer2"

Join us today and discover the limitless possibilities of Bitcoin Lightning (Liquid) NFTs on our platform and marketplace!

Esky is the founder of JungleLab.io, a Self-taught Bitcoin developer working on the Network for 6+ years. Esky was also a contributor to BTCPay and was the founder of BTCPay Jungle which had 10,000 active users on the server. He has contributed to BlockStream’s liquid Network and element side chains in the past. BOL2
Adam Soltys An Anarchist Programmer, Gardener, CTO @coinoswallet, creator of @raretoshi and CTO @JungleLab, BOL2
Midyaan has over 5 years digital marketing and advertising experience. He is also the founder of McPherson Marketing & Sales Solutions, he directs multiple companies and he holds a multi-million-pound sales track record. Midyaan has over 3years’ experience investing in Bitcoin space and has LNFT marketing expertise.
Nadir is a director of a bespoke design company that has been running for the last 5 years. He has over 10 years sales experience, 5 years management and 7 years design / production experience. He considers his million-pound sales record year his biggest achievement and becoming the youngest manager in his company at 17.
Bash has 10 years of filming experience in areas such as music production, live production and cooperate events. He has taught 16-24 year olds with personal social development, mentoring and film for the past 5 years. He has travelled across Europe and Africa to work with television stations. He has experience with councils and high street retail companies in the UK.
David “Diamond” Medina is a multi-talented Music Producer, Songwriter ,Entrepreneur & DJ born and raised in Spanish Harlem. David is internationally known as one half of DJ duo SoundWavve in the EDM community, who toured with Skream, Benga, Disclosure and DJ’ed with the likes of A-trak, Diplo, and Justice, to name a few. Shortly after establishing his studio business at the Film Center NYC, David signed to Larry live (live house/Mosely music group) Timberland’s label (during the Nelly Furtado and Justin Timberlake era). His accomplishments have generated important relationships and access to diverse catalogues of music. Upon opening his second studio in NYC, Diamond partnered with Juro “Mez” Davis where he began to work with J.Cole & DreamVille Records.
Upload, collect, and transact rare digital assets on the Liquid Network


Artists affiliated with, represented by, or otherwise accessible to JungleLab have a total social media following exceeding 70 million individuals. Some of these artists are known for winning multiple Grammy and art awards.

Samson Mow - CEO at Pixelmatic, CEO at JAN3, Architect of the #Bitcoin Bonds

Abdus Salam – Head of Finance at BestWay retail

Blockstream - The global leader in Bitcoin and blockchain technology. #DontTrustVerify

Adam Soltys – CTO at Coinos Wallet, founder of Raretoshi.



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Mcpherson Marketing & Sales Solutions


Liquid Lighting Network

Grace Foods

OEA Agency

Jamaican Jerk Festival



JungleLab.io exists to support millions of artists and creatives with an ecosystem that provides rights, ownership, and the opportunity to create multiple independent revenue streams. JungleLab is a NFT marketplace that allows artists to own, create, buy & Sell Digital Assets with Total Freedom on the Bitcoin Liquid Network.

JungleLab is leveraging advanced technologies to ensure low carbon footprint and low network fees. To date, one of the barriers to entry to the NFT market has been the high transaction fees on most networks. JungleLab has addressed this issue by using layer 2 solutions, as Liquid and Lighting are able to overcome these technological limitations. This enables users to start a bitcoin business for free. Using 10$ creators, artists can mint 100 digital assets (NFTs) with complete freedom to dictate terms of smart contracts and royalties.

JungleLab is a curated open-sourced marketplace with high security, flexible royalties, unique community focus and an optimised/integrated social media platform. Bids and sales are conducted peer-to-peer using atomic swaps, so JungleLab does not need to escrow funds.

Understanding the far-reaching scope of the Digital Asset (NFT) space, JungleLab has established the foundation for NFTs, ticketing solutions, Virtual Event Hosting, NFT Festivals and more.

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